If you have questions about pursuing protection for your work, invention, or brand, our Protect Your Assets Strategy Session could be for you.

Yes, you can find all of the general information in the world through Google, but how does all of the stuff you read apply SPECIFICALLY to you and your business and goals? It can be tough to know the clear, tangible steps you need to take specifically in your business. We can walk you through them all.

Who Needs the Protect Your Assets Strategy Session?

The Confused Entrepreneur. Maybe you don’t know whether you need a patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, or a combination of any or all of these things. Maybe you kind of get it but aren’t sure which to pursue first. If you’re serious about protecting your intellectual property but confused by the things you’ve read on the Internet, we can untangle the many details for you. 

The DIY Entrepreneur. If you’re planning to file a patent, trademark, or copyright application on your own, we can help you look out for common pitfalls and the deceivingly complex decisions you’ll have to make before submitting an application. 

The Curious Entrepreneur. If you aren’t sure about filing the application yourself, and shopping for the right legal counsel in the event you’d rather focus on the bread and butter of your business, we can give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.  

The What-Do-I-Do-Next Entrepreneur. If you’ve already started down the path of protecting your intellectual property, but are stuck at a crossroads about your next best steps, we can show you the benefits and drawbacks of taking any particular path. 


What Will Happen During the Protect Your Assets Strategy Session?

You will receive a one hour, personalized consultation regarding what you need to do in your specific business. This won’t be a bland, run-down-a-checklist type of session. You will get concrete information and consultation about how the complicated intellectual property laws impact your business. We will also help you identify the intellectual property you have but may not know you have.

To sign up for the Protect Your Assets Strategy Session, click here to pay the $300 fee for the session. Thereafter, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule your session and a form with some introductory questions we have about your business.